IBM Lotus Symphony Review

IBM released its free productivity suite titled Lotus Symphony in June and we decided to give it a try for readers of Realgeek. Lotus Symphony is a very neat suite which consists of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. It is based on an earlier version of Open Office but it’s interface seems very much inspired by Microsoft Office.

Symphony has utilized the tab function of web browsers which makes it a very worthy competitor of Open Office. The new word documents open in a new tab in the same window which gives you an impression of web browsing. No matter which document type you want to create it will only open in tab. This tab functionality certainly makes things simple for the user and also saves system resources.

Since it is based on Open Office so it can also open and edit files of ODF format. It can not do the same with the newer 2007  version of Open Office. The files of supported applications can be saved as Open Office 1.1 or Microsoft 97/2000/xp file type.

Symphony also incorporates a web browser which allows you to open the web links in a file. The browser doesn’t fancy anything extraordinary but it does simple tasks quite well which is web browsing.

Symphony is a simple application suite which addresses the simple (and frequent) needs of businesses and individuals. Its competition was never with Microsoft Office and it doesn’t do that either frankly but it scores well against Open Office with its simple and better interface.

It definitely deserves one try because of its leap over its beta versions and the fact that it is free.

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