INQ Chat 3G & Mini 3G unveiled

INQ has released some affordable socila media savvy phones after their first attempt at this niche with INQ1. The two mobile phones are called INQ Mini 3G and the INQ Chat 3G. The first one is a slim candybar design handset with a rMP camera and up to 8GB of memory. The latter one i.e. INQ Chat 3G is INQ’s first QWERTY phone with a 3.2 MP camera and GPS.

INQ has tried to incorporate features keeping in mind our web usage. Both the handsets come with interchangeable covers keeping in alive the spirit of customization that we have grown so used to on the web. You can tweet, post your status of facebook and myspace with the inbuilt applications on both the devices. INQ Mini 3G can boast of bringing in the best of web on our mobile devices at cheap.

INQ Chat 3G is a QWERTY phone which many of you’d prefer to satisfy you chatting urge on the go. It has a 2.4 inch QVGA screen which is pretty much the standard for wide smartphones these days. The 3.2 MP camera without a flash leaves us to expect more. The claim to fame of both the handsets without any doubt is the facebook and the twitter integration. INQ created a twitter application specially for the both phones as they had promised some time back. INQ Chat 3G will retail at £110 which certainly sounds tempting with all its sexy luscious red looks.

INQ is keeping its tradition of bringing in web to the mobile devices by launching these handsets. They have earlier launched Skypephones as well as an award winning Facebook phone called INQ1.

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One Response to INQ Chat 3G & Mini 3G unveiled

  1. tushers ahmed says:

    dear sir ,already i m using ur inq mobile there also built in skype,twiter,facebook,etc but i can’t to make any call through skype,,can it possible to ur new mobile inq 3g chat..please give me information by mail…i am waiting ur response…sir if u kindly give the authorised dealer address in bangladesh i am very pleased to u…

    thank u,yours sincere

    tusher ahmed

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