Intel’s new superchip covers your fingertip

Intel has designed an experimental microprocessor chip which is really micro if we take a look at its overall size. The new superchip by Intel could provide personal computers the processing ability which is as of now, available to only a selected breed of computers such as those that are used in scientific researches or in handling high-end large servers. However it is not known whether the new micro processor chip by Intel is developed to serve the personal computers.

Intel’s new microprocessor is said to have taken a new approach in design in order to boost performance while simultaneously limiting the chip size within the centimeter range. The micro processor chip is said to be containing 80 mini microprocessing cores that solve bits of the same problem simultaneously. Hence the same task is divided into 80 small sub tasks, providing you the power of parallel processing on your personal computers.

However the name & other details of the new microchip is still not available. You can check out the latest news over Intel.

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