Kantaris Media Player Review

There are very few media players which strike the chord from the utility as well as design perspective. Kantaris Media Player happens to be the one which has got cool looks as well as tremendous usability.

media player

Kantaris is based on VLC Media Player so it can pretty much play any file type you can imagine. The best thing about Kantaris is that it is suave for playing both videos and audio files. The inbuilt last.fm plug in will appeal to all the music lovers who already obsessed with this great website. Kantaris has almost all the features that you find in VLC Media Player while it tries to give a hard battle to iTunes in audio department.Media Player

There are visualizations and equalizer (windows media player style) and the most bizarre thing about it has to be its looks. The user interface of Kantaris is pretty unconventional and it also allows users to view apple movie trailers in the player itself.The media player is absolutely free and it can be downloaded from Kantaris site.

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