LG makes its Application Store public

The smart folks at LG thought that they should also have an Application Store just like Apple, Blackberry, Palm and Nokia. So they have finally launched an application store which is for the time being only available to users in Singapore and Australia. The store happens to have both free and the paid applications. I am cheap bastard so I checked the free applications first and there are 118 free apps at the time of writing. Surprisingly it does have some useful apps in its free collection which is the first thing that matters to me about any application store.

The apps on the store are mainly for the smartphones and it only shows two devices namely LG GM730 and LG KS20 on the website right now. LG is planning to launch around 10 smartphones this year alone and we also heard that they intend to reach No. 2 spot in the crowded Mobilephone space. The application store of LG is just a beginning and is still in beta. It will be expanded to support more countries soon and then things might get more excited.

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