New LG KG376 Clamshell Phone Unveiled

A lot of mobile phone consumers today choose form and styling over specs and features. Well, perhaps we can say that majority of women these days, especially those on their teen years, would really choose to have a more stylish phone than really having new and high-end specs.

So, now the LG Electronics unveils another folding form factor mobile phone with the release of the LG KG376 phone. The LG KG376 seems to be designed for use by teens, particularly the women due to its external fine graphics work. The design is made of round flowers and twisting stems of red color.

Looking at this phone would tell that this is catered to women with its purple case and pink filigree accents. Coming as a clamshell phone also makes it trendy and feminine; but as said, other than that, features remain enough to call it a decent mobile phone. It will probably have 128 x 128 pixels and an external light. We’re not sure if this will have any camera to complete, but as said, you’d probably choose to have it because of its form factor.

It has a compact size which should be handy to handle for cellphone owners and weighs only 73 grams. It also comes with FM radio. It has an internal memory that can accommodate up to 1 MB.

Still, pricing and date availability is still unknown as of the moment.

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