LG Unviels KF900 Prada 2

The second version of LG Prada has been unveiled which has been titled LG KF900. There phone derives a lot including the looks from its earlier version LG KE850. The newer version is little longer than the last one while there is no change in the screen size which is 3 inches. A 5 mega pixel camera with an auto- focus Schneider-Kreuznach lens and secondary video call camera has been addded which was mere 2 megapixels earlier.The most striking feature is its new integrated sliding QWERTY keyboard which also happens to set the Prada II apart from its predecessor. Other features are Media Player with MPEG-4 player and FM Radio, TV out functionality , upto 8 GB MicroSD memory card slot and built in hands free.

LG Prada 2 has 3G as well which we missed in its elder cousen. We now have WiFi and HSDPA  in it which makes for better internet connectivity on the go. Overall, this phonehas enough to take on its older sibling but we fear that it might not be ablto give a tough battle to its new found competitors.

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