Microsoft Tech News Aggregator To Counter Google?


Microsoft has launched an online news aggregator called microsoft/web that aggregates the most popular stuff from various web sources. It is basically an internet news channel that aggregates news & popular articles from internet on various topics like IT, finance & inspirational. Much like the RSS feeds that we use on a daily basis, but this news aggregator comes along with the power of Microsoft.

The war between Software giant Microsoft & Internet giant Google is not an unseen stuff from the past couple of months. Microsoft is running in news since several months for its continuous efforts to spread its presence in the online marketing & information industry. It has been nearly a few days when Google posed a threat to various technology sites by upgrading its Google Blog Search Engine.

Now Microsoft is shedding millions of dollars to get some chunk of the Google’s user base. One of the examples of their strategy is the news about microsoft planning to launch an Online Ad network like its rival Google’s adsense.

Well lets leave their battle up to them & utilize this new content aggregation service at its best.

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