Microsoft Vista activation hacks

2848_2843_large_windowsvistaultimate_print.jpgIts likely that some Hackers have already exploited Windows Vista activation , according to, Experts are blogging on how can this is propogating and how can it be controlled, one technique that requires a special editor for the the software that acts as the interface between the PC hardware and the operating system, BIOS. By editing a special value that PC manufacturers use to pass the product activation test, a hacker can run Windows Vista, said Alex Kochis, senior product manager for Microsoft, stated on the Windows Genuine Advantage blog, this technique could easily result in an inoperable PC if done wrong.

A second hack uses emulation to attempt to defeat product activation and is easier to pull off, but also easier to detect. Microsoft’s Kochis said the company will consider the impact on customers of any change to the anti-piracy software.

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