Microsoft Zune clone by Chinese Manufacturer

While Microsoft is preparing for the Zune launch, a Chinese electronics manufacturer Oriphe have already created a clone of Zune. The device is named MPF2110 and looks exactly like the reportedly leaked picture of Zune. Although MPF2110 looks very similar to Zune, but it may not be as feature rich like Microsoft Zune. MPF2110 have some basic features but no details on pricing or launch yet.

  • 128 MB-2 GB flash memory
  • 1.5″/1.8″ color display
  • Plays MP3, WMA, WAV audio
  • Plays AMW, MTV, MPEG, AVI video
  • JPEG photo support, Voice recorder, FM tuner w/ recording, Lyrics
  • Supposedly comes in 9 color combinations
MPF2110 - Microsoft Zune Clone

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