Microsoft’s OneApp

Microsoft  launch of OneApp is creating some buzz in the world of cellphones. OneApp consists of a small application and a set of Microsoft “cloud services” that allows a simple feature cellphone to access web services like Twitter, Facebook, and Windows Live Messenger without smartphone.

Microsoft’s servers handle the heavy lifting and send only the required bits of data to the user’s phone which will reduce data use and will speed up all functions.

OneApp application for features phones requires only 150KB of storage on the phone, which makes it suitable for most handsets. The individual OneApp modules for each supported service is going to be just 30KB in size and can be based on user choice only.

OneApp support will make it easier for upcoming mobile developers, and inspire them to also build applications for feature phones, since an app need only be developed once for OneApp and it will then run on a very wide variety of phones as a result.

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