Monetize Mouse Cursor With AdCamo

Do you remember the days of milliondollarhomepage? I call it the most in-your-face advertising ever employed in our industry or any other. The, then success of that website made it clear that finding fools is no difficult if only you have the right tools. Selling pixels was definitely not enough as there’s a company called AdCamo which intends to brand mouse cursors.

This new “Brandable Cursor” interacts with background ads to produce a relevantly branded cursor on mouse over. Custom cursors have been around for quite sometime but Adcamo are the first to monetize them. AdCamo pioneered (no, really!) the development of the clickable background ads. It takes background ads to the next level by giving advertisers another opportunity to increase brand visibility.

When users move their mouse pointer over a background ad, their cursor instantly changes to a branded cursor associated with the campaign creative. Brandable Cursors can be anything from your company’s logo, product logo, or even an engaging item related to the background ad.

This will certainly open up a new avenue for publishers to make and advertisers to waste money. You can see some of the examples of this cursor branding thing at their website.

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