Moniter internet traffic on your computer with Net Limiter

Windows Task Manager does not give you complete information about the internet usage. It only sums up all the bytes of data sent and received on your PC which is not what we would like to know in case a particular application is sucking bandwidth without our knowledge. Its important to have an idea about what application on your PC uses more bandwidth and why to keep your systems secure from online threats. Hackers might be using your bandwidth to get crucial data from your PC without you knowing what application they are exploiting.

You can get information about every single application and the amount of data it is downloading or uploading through a smart application called Net Limiter. It allows you to keep a watch on your internet usage completely while you can also allocate the broadband to particular application as per your need or want. A personal firewall functionality gives you the freedom to allow or deny application that connect to web.

The feature of remote administration will help you monitor traffic on your network of computers. I used the top end version which can be evaluated for 28 days at most while the freeware version lacs lot of its features. The free version only comes with network monitor and traffic statistics which is definitely not bad for a general user.

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