5 Megapixel Camera Phone by Motorola : MOTOZINE ZN5

Motorola collaboratively with Kodak have this week released a new mobile phone, MOTOZINEâ„¢ ZN5. It is a candy bar-style mobile phone with coolest 5.0-megapixel camera, this is the first device in their new Zine line.

A perfect solution for keep clicking photographs on the move, they do not need to carry a separate camera for doing this. ZN5 handset will allow users to take photos in various modes, including multi-shot and panorama.

The panorama mode will assist users across a scene with three boxes, then uses Kodak’s Perfect Touch Technology to stitch the three photos together into one single image. Multi-shot reduces the time between capturing images, to allow users to shoot action or a series of photos. You can take amazingly descriptive pictures using this

The MOTOZINEâ„¢ ZN5 weighs 114 grams and measures 118-millimeters by 50.5mm, and 16mm thick at the lens. The ZN5 also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. It can store up to photos to 4G byte MicroSD cards, and can share photos via MMS, by sending the photo from e-mail, by Bluetooth to a PC or other device, or can upload directly to sharing Web sites like Flickr or MySpace.

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