Motorola’s Q is affordable

On Comparing Motorola’s sleek Q mobile phone and handheld computer. The device’s small screen works best with Web sites that are formatted for such limited real estate.

One must look for mobiles that have certain features that include e-mail, Web search, maps and driving directions, news, technology, Web portals, fun. These points help in deciding which are right for you and your mobile device.

Mobile computer-type gizmos such as the Moto Q and other Windows Mobile-based devices as well as Palm-based gadgets. 


Latest heard is that Yahoo and others are developing different sets of mobile services aimed at mobile-phone users.
The Q has its downsides. It takes forever to start up. Its Windows-like interface is poorly designed and confusing. Comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera. The Q also lacks Wi-Fi technology but does have Bluetooth, which lets you link with wireless gadgets. These include the penlike LG Styli, which has a keypad along with a port for a wired earpiece, Motorola’s Stereo Headphones for listening to tunes and taking calls on one device.

And though the Q is affordable, but we definately doubt its comparison with the blackberrys

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