Nintendo’s Wiimote is a patent violation

wiimote.jpgInterlink, is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes into remote controls and electronic-signature technologies, they have filed a suit in a federal district court in Delaware on December 4, claiming that Nintendo’s Wii Remote violates its “Trigger Operated Electronic Device” patent (U.S. patent No. 6,850, 221).

The company Interlink is claiming that Nintendo’s sale of the device, nicknamed the Wiimote, has caused the company to lose profits and royalties.

The Nintendo’s Wii console, which was released with pomp n show on November 17 2006, is valued a lot its unique Wii Remote. The controller is believed to enable players to physically interact with the game for example, swinging it like a bat in a baseball game or holding it like a gun in a shooting game.


There was speculations over Wiimote, people built controversies on its chances on smashing into things. But now that this latest lawsuit has been filed, problems for Nintendo have rised.

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