Nokia brings Web 2.0 to mobiles

widsets-web2.0-mobile.jpgHandset manufacturer Nokia has developed a platform designed to bring Web 2.0 features to mobile phones.

Nokia’s WidSets platform is manufacturer independent and is supported by Java enabled devices. People today expect immediate access to information,” said Dieter May, vice president and head of Nokia’s Emerging Business Unit.

“We wanted to make it easy for everybody, from an individual blogger to a web services provider, to automatically have mobile access to website content. WidSets will also be attractive to new users who are not so familiar with Web 2.0.”

The platform allows users to build a library, choosing Web 2.0 content such as RSS feeds, blog posts and material from photo uploading sites that is viewable on any new Java-enabled mobile.


WidSets Templates allow users to include their own websites or blogs, for their own private use or that of others they choose.

Collaborative filtering allows the community to enrich the WidSets Library by providing suggestions for new content. The WidSets User Interface employs a process of ‘choose and set’ that makes Widsets operative within seconds.

Signing up to WidSets is free and the platform is optimised for minimal data consumption.

“We wanted WidSets to be fun to use, so we based the user interface on great looking and dynamic mini-applications called widgets that automatically receive updates from websites that people normally visit several times a day,” said May.

“Whenever the information on a community, blog or news service is updated, the widget notifies the user so that the information can be viewed right away, regardless of where the user is located.

“And if users can’t find their favourite internet service on WidSets, they can easily create and publish widgets themselves and share the content with others.”


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