Nokia planning to make Laptops

Nokia is the world leader in mobile applications and it has created a strong brand value in all these years of world mobile dominance. Motorola might have created mobile phones but it was Nokia that really perfected the art of making and more importantly selling them. Nokia is one of the few brands which has managed to ceaselessly market its devices to consumers of every type.

The CEO of Nokia Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said in an interview to Finnish national broadcaster YLE on Wednesday that they are considering to enter the laptop space. If this consideration comes into action then laptop makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony Vaio will have one more competitor. Nokia has been ruthless in its innovations in a way that more digital camera are presently being sold by Nokia then Kodak or Canon. Nokia has the muscle and reach to make notebooks and also market it across its markets. The point to consider however is that this would require a serious transition and not many companies have been able to cater to both the mobile phone and the notebooks marketspace.

Should Nokia take any chance to diversify? If they do get into the laptop market then it’s obvious they will lose their focus on mobile space where they already are the world leaders. Another thing that Nokia needs to care about is the competition in the space of touch-screen smartphones. Nokia has only one offering touch-screen, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and it doesn;t pose any serious challenge against the likes of Apple iPhone or BlackBerry Storm or Palm Pre.

There is a very thin line between a mobile phone and a notebook these days and the major change is only in the terms of size. In my opinion, Nokia should care more about improving their offerings in the high end smartphone niche than plunging into the laptop space.

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