Nokia minitablet with Webcam & WiMax

Nokia is planning to get head on head with UMPC with the next generation Internet devices. According to Nokia, there are no plans to plans to release tablet devices with ability to connect to mobile networks. However, the handset maker is looking to add Webcam & WiMax to the next generation of Linux powered 770 device.

Nokia Mini-Tablet with Webcam & WiMaxAri Virtanen, vice president of convergence products at Nokia, said going down the cellular-free route gave the company more freedom. “The biggest thing is that we don’t want to be part of the cellular value chain,” he said. “We want to be a little bit out of that world. Once you put a SIM card in, it’s automatically controlled by the operator.”

According to Nokia, they do not have any mobile enabled tablet devices in the pipeline but they are looking into other possible addons like new interface methods. The device currently uses a touch screen with a stylus for text input. We may see a touch screen thumb typing keyboard like we seen in Microsoft Origami devices.

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