Paid Answers Service by Mahalo

Jason Calacanis and others at Mahalo have launched a new feature called Mahalo Answers. Mahalo’s copy of Yahoo! Answers, Google Answers or ChaCha, lets you offer a price to ask specific questions of other Mahalo users.

Good Attempt by Mahalo, as they will be making money off it, When you ask a question, you put money into the system, and Mahalo keeps it like a bank. When you answer a question, you put knowledge into and you might not get paid. Only one answer gets paid, and then Mahalo keeps 25 percent of it. Which makes this nice money making scheme, Mahalo cuts a quarter out of every dollar being spent.

Upon receiving a satisfactory answer (assuming you get one) users can give their promised tip, choose to give nothing or give a little extra depending on how happy you get with the answer. But this is a good means to cash on the ever increasing traffic Mahalo gets.

The success projection of this service is unknown, this is not the first of its own kind, and why will one use this service when there are free alternatives like Yahoo! Answers.

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