Rumor of Zune Phone Surfaces Again Courtesy An Idiot

It’s still a rumor but we believe it could be more than that this time around. The Inquirer has said that Microsoft is indeed making a Zune phone and it could be announced as early as this February at 3GSM. Further it is stated in The Inquirer that the Zune phone will run on Nvidia Tegra chip and it will obviously have Zune music player.

All of that sounds great, and we had started to agree to their “well-placed sources” until they linked the story to a Youtube Video titled Microsoft oPhone. I am embedding the video along with here so that you too can see what the guys at Inquirer believe would be the Zune phone.

I know that Microsoft has acted dumb at times but they are definitely less stupid than the author of the post at Inquirer. Microsoft might like to ape Apple or Google but seriously, the idea of Zune Phone is just a rumor for now and it seems that the stupid guys at Inquirer are the ones behind these gossips.

Grow up kids, we believe you must be dead drunk while writing the post. It wouldn’t have happened if only we had something like Mail Goggles for Posts.

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