Short Hair Styles For Geeks

This is unusual post to come here, but back in the days we did Geek Culture posts. So, this post is fits here. I haven’t had a hair cut in months and I decided to get one. My friend Dave recommended me to look around and pick the kind of hair style before I really get one.

So I began researching, I wanted manageable hair style, that suits me perfectly and is a good reflection on my personality. I am not into punk, funk hair styles. Short geeky hair styles work best!

Layers, spikes and slick hair styles are very much in trend. As I was researching I really really liked some hair styles that are short, manageable & geekier.

I have seen people using a lot of hair styling gels & ironing equipment to get that perfect look. However I do not have patience or time to do it and I like the Undone look, just amazing!

Here is a collection of what I found & what I liked, as I was deeply researching I ended up doing for both men & women. :)

4 Short Hair Styles for Men : Geeky

4 Short Hair Styles for Women : Geeky

Short hair on women can be framed around the face, spiked and with light curls, I also liked the zig zag parting of the hair. Its all about style & manageability the more easy it gets better it is!

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