Spice D-1111 launched

The India mobile phone manufacturer Spice has unveiled yet another dual mode mobile phone. It is called Spice D-1111 and it is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.0. Spice has been trying hard to compete against international mobile phone manufacturers in India and they haven’t been able to make any serious mark as of yet. It’s nice to hear that they haven’t stopped trying.

Spice D-1111 might be a Windows Mobile device buts its specifications does leave you disappointed. It has a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and an expandable memory support upto 2 GB. You can certainly find all these specs in the middle range handset launched this year or so. Spice D-1111 only manages to garner your attention when it comes to pre-installed applications. There are loads of Windows Mobile compatible mobile applications which some of the techie folks might find interesting.

Some of the apps which have been included in the phone are Nimbuzz, Mitr, Opera and Reuters. The phone also comes with a email2SMS applications which lets you receive your emails in the form of sms. One only wonders why wouldn’t someone be using an email client especially if it’s a Windows Mobile device. The phone does look decent but it misses out on many levels, the most notable being specs. The price of Rs.18,499 is just not reasonable.

It seems that Spice D-1111 has been made by keeping a dumb mobile phone user in mind but as it turns out that the company itself has become one. The phone lacks any reason for your attention.

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