Sun, IBM both announce 1TB tape drives but who Did it First?

Tape drive storage capacity is now at par with with the rotating disk drives, both come in 1TB size. The higher capacity is relevant to tape, as that it is used so often for long-term archiving.

SUN and IBM have claimed to have developed the “first one terabyte storage tape drive,” but it is likely that Sun will get its drive on the market a little bit sooner than IBM.

Sun have launched this last monday, the new StorageTek T10000B Fibre Channel tape drive, which is twice the Sun’s previous top capacity of 500GB tape drive. It will be available this month and will be starting at $37,000.

Where as, IBM on Tuesday followed up by claiming to release the “world’s first” 1TB tape drive with the System Storage TS1130, which previously had a top capacity of 700GB.

These are likely to be available by Sept, and would start at $39,050.

These new drives will be compatible with previous generations, allowing read and write operations between the old and new drives.

BUT the question is who did it first? both are claiming to have the “First one terabyte storage tape drive”

One can not judge this, by the announcement date, as they differ by just one day. Performance is one way to compare the two products. Also as Sun is going to make its product available before so they can get “being first” title.

According to IBM, their new tape drive delivers data at a rate of 160 megabytes per second, allowing backups to be completed 54% faster than its previous product. However Sun’s T10000B drive delivers speeds of 120Mbps.

IBM also said it developed a Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) tape design that produces fewer data read errors than competing technology.
According to Sun, their 1TB tape drives will help customers use best floor space and lower power costs.

Read More about Sun StorageTek T10000B Fibre Channel tape drive here.

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