Sun, Nokia and Ericsson for telecom standards

itu.jpgThis is indeed a good step taken in the right direction, Sun Microsystems announced details of a global tie-up with Ericsson and Nokia to create a forum for Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), telecommunications operators and service providers.

This Telecommunications Platform Initiative, here members will work to jointly develop the requirements for a standardised, integrated telecommunications technology platform to simplify technology integration.

“By collaborating on a series of publicly available requirements documents for the Operations, Administration and Management Layer (OA&M) and Service Layer environments, the members of this initiative will provide the broader telecommunications industry with new alternatives to improve time to service, time to market and ultimately, time to revenues,” the firms said in a statement.

Jyrki Holmala, vice president, OSS Software, Networks, Nokia, said: “The Telecommunications Platform Initiative recognises that technology integration is a common challenge for all NEPs.” He added that the initiative will integrate with Nokia’s Operations Support Systems (OSS) middleware strategy and its Open EMS Suite platform product roadmaps.

Torbjorn Lundahl, vice president of Ericsson Multimedia Systems, said he was “confident that this effort will lead to a much stronger industry alignment and bring major benefits to our customers.

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