Super Bluetooth Hack

We had an intriguing discussion about bluetooth hacking today evening, while me, Ravish and few other friends of ours were having the usual coffee break at Cafe Coffee Day, some of us believed that this is not possible but then we found out that there are certain applications which if used correctly are capable of hacking the mobile phones in the vicinity of your bluetooth network. It has been successfully tried on Sony Ericsson or Nokia cell phones.

When I got back to work, I went looking for such applications and I explored more into the same. I found a mobile application called Super Bluetooth Hack. It is available for free download extensively on internet. I even found a video demonstrating the same.

With Super Bluetooth Hack program on your cell phone you can do many nasty things on the other phones on your Bluetooth network. You can read SMS messages on the other phone.

Also check contact, change profile and play a ringtone even if the phone is on silent mode. Cool Prank huh! Also one can play songs or turn off the mobile phone. This application can be a real threat as it also enables the bluetooth hacker to restore factory settings and also make a call.

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26 Responses to Super Bluetooth Hack

  1. sushaantu says:

    sounds cool.gotta try this one.

  2. jamie says:

    dont do it it dose not work on your phone #

  3. barakath says:

    i want this!please!

  4. Question: says:

    How would I go about getting something like this for Windows Mobile?

  5. Buzz HK says:

    Yep it works…
    Not in all phones, and when it works not all the functions are available sometimes.
    I tried on a LG U500 and there’s the blank screen problem also found by other users. The I tried with my Siemens S66 and it worked pretty well.
    So well that after hacking into my buddy’s “brand new” chocolate, the chocolate went crazy, and had to be replaced… :-(
    He was cool with it, my luck…hehe
    I’ll try with a sony ericson next, however from what I’ve been reading, it depends on the Java version used on the phones, and does not appear to work with phones with windows mobile on them either…

    Hope this been helpful, but it does work, so good luck on your tests…

  6. Romie says:

    it does work. but….you have to ask for the people you’re trying to hack to accept your bluetooth!…which isnt exactly descreete….and then it asks them to enter a pin..which is 0000. so thats kinda silly.
    but once you’ve done it you’re having fun.

  7. edward says:

    yeah i have seen the application but could help me develop one since it really works wonders

  8. Omar Burton says:

    Hi there, when i hav downloaded it from the website u tell us from the start, A Pop up comes up sayin Zip and buy Now, but i dont hav the resgitration code for it. How do i get One?
    Thank u

  9. guru says:

    hi .. did read about this.. although cool its an invasion of one’s privacy.
    is there any way we could take precautions so as to prevent our phone from bein hacked

  10. ginaki says:

    well pretty nice…when you want to cause a mess…but its nice!

  11. avedika says:

    how do you use it? are there any loopholes?

  12. Rajesh says:

    it is not a good way to interfear in any personal privacy

  13. currycow says:

    y is it that when i press connect, inquiry devices or from list, it just shows a white screen? can anyone help i need it quite badly…

  14. sam pimley says:

    Why Wont The Super Bluetooth Hack Work On My Nokia W350i?Any Suggestions. Thanx To Anyone Who Leaves Any Help:)

  15. sam pimley says:

    Sorry Bout That.
    I Put Nokia By Mistake

    Why Wont The Super Bluetooth Hack Work On My Sony Ericcson W350i?Any Suggestions. Thanx To Anyone Who Leaves Any Help:)

  16. navik dahya says:

    same. it does not work on my sony ericsson w350i. thanx in advance 4 ne 1 hu helps.cya l8a

  17. Olly says:

    Superbluetooth isnt supported on new sony erricsons

  18. Jay Hynes says:

    any super bluetooth wont work on my sony ericsson w350i i hope dis one does please help

  19. Max says:

    is there a nother bluejacking/hacking software that will work on w350i?
    many thanks

  20. ben says:

    will it work on my nokia n96

  21. Harshal says:

    Can it run on my sony ericsson w350i phone

  22. navik dahya says:

    if there is a person out there who reads this and is a software designer for phones or makes any bluetooth hacking programs plaese could you make one for the sony ericsoon w350i and all new sony ericsson and other new cell phones please. thanks a bunch

  23. Ethan says:

    yeah its really annoying iv got a sony ericsson w350i and it dont work so if there is any one please make work on the w350i

  24. navik dahya says:

    will it work on windows mobile. i have an imate jam pm10a. thanks to any one that helps

  25. suman raha says:

    can i use super bluetooth hacker in sony ericsson w350i

  26. andy says:

    i cant get it to work on my sony ericsson w350i.. i start the app. then it ask me to choose language ..u scroll down to english..and press select but no responce…i mashed my button until almost came off..thx in advance to the kind person who will help me … :D :D

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