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PlayStation 4 Survey

This /r/PS4 survey is an attempt to measure the success vs failure rate of PlayStation 4 units. Let us know how your PS4 is doing so far. If you want to tell more about your experience with PS4, you can … Continue reading

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Gaming on 1080p vs 1200p Monitor

I recently bought Dell UltraSharp 24-Inch IPS Monitor with a screen resolution of 1920×1200. Most 24 inch monitors have a resolution of 1920×1080, so you get to see more pixels and content on a higher resolution 1200p monitor. It is great for … Continue reading

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PlayStation 3 Firmware v2.40 Update with Online Features

The year 2008 was called the year of Play Station 3 by the media and Sony is finally giving some credibility to this by releasing a system update of PS3. The updated 2.40 version is said to boost the sytem … Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson has released a mobile phone handset for gamers which uses motion-sensing technology. The Sony Ericsson F305 allows users to control games on the phone by imitating the required movement in the game, much like the motion controller used … Continue reading

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PS3 makes it on Guinness Book of Records

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 3 console is a part of Guinness World Records, it has been recognized as the world’s most powerful distributed computing network. This is the outcome of Stanford University’s Folding@home project. The record was made on 16 September … Continue reading

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Instant Messaging on Xbox 360

Microsoft is making efforts to expand the Xbox 360 feature set by announcing new instant messaging functions for users of the popular gaming device. With expanded HD video content and a new HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Elite, the Microsoft now provides … Continue reading

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In-Fusio sues Microsoft over mobile game ‘Halo’

In-Fusio is suing Microsoft for allegedly backing out of a contract to develop a mobile version of the popular Halo game. In-Fusio, which signed a $2 million contract with Microsoft, has been withholding a $500,000 payment after Microsoft rejected the … Continue reading

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OCZ overclock-friendly 8800 GTX card

OCZ the gaming-oriented memory producer has announced the release of its first video card. Dubbed simply the OCZ 8800 GTX, the board will use NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800 GTX chipset at its standard 575MHz core and 1.8GHz memory speeds. Each unit … Continue reading

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iNES for S60 3rd Edition

iNES for S60 3rd Edition is the latest emulator from Marat Fayzullin, and emulates the NES and Famicom games consoles from Nintendo. Fayzullin is also the author of several other S60 3rd Edition emulators of the Sega Master System, Game … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Wiimote is a patent violation

Interlink, is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes into remote controls and electronic-signature technologies, they have filed a suit in a federal district court in Delaware on December 4, claiming that Nintendo’s Wii Remote violates its “Trigger Operated Electronic Device” … Continue reading

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