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17 Best Geek Wedding Cake Toppers

Cool Stromtroopers Mr. & Mrs For the Apple Fanboi Couple, This wedding Topper is too Geeky! Cool Geek Wife & Husband Cute Android Couple

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Short Hair Styles For Geeks

This is unusual post to come here, but back in the days we did Geek Culture posts. So, this post is fits here. I haven’t had a hair cut in months and I decided to get one. My friend Dave … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Aditi

It’s the birthday of geekiest girl alive on the face of planet earth. The RealGeek team wishes Happy Birhday with lots of love to Aditi

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Laptop Stickers that every Geek wants

As promised, I am sharing a collection of stickers that every geek wants to have, these are the most wanted laptop stickers, which you would either have already or seeking to get. Check them out and let me know if … Continue reading


33 Geeky & Nerdy Cufflinks

Have you seen your geek friends dressed formally? If you did, probably you missed out noticing something geeky, look closer, check these geek cufflinks, which are great addition to any shirt and speak out about your geekiness! Area 51 Geeky … Continue reading

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Geek Laptop Stickers : Pure Madness

I have been collecting stickers from so long, all kinds and all geeky. But I haven’t done what you will see below, these are the most loaded laptops I have ever seen with stickers, all these stickers collected by these … Continue reading

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34 Awesome Geek Shoes Spotted

It’s true that when you love something you only want to see it whenever and wherever you are. Being Geek is not a  state, it is being in a particular lifestyle. We choose to stay in that frame of  mind. … Continue reading

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59 Geeky, Funny & Awesome Mouse Pads

Check out the following 59 Geeky, Funny & Awesome Looking Mouse Pads: nVidia Cool Round Geek Mouse Pad Rounded Apple Geeky Mouse Pad Jesus Shaves Mouse Pad

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68 Geek Coffee Mugs

Our post about Geek t-shirts went really viral and popular, keep your geeky taste on. Watch out for more Geeky Stuff and update on Geek Culture. Check following Coffee Mugs that are really Geeky, Share your reactions with us via … Continue reading