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Google Nexus S review

Google’s Android smartphone, Google Nexus S is out and available for purchase at Best Buy in the US. Google Nexus S is the first device to run the very new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. Google Nexus S has a … Continue reading

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Google Call Phone makes calling easy & affordable

As I logged on my gmail account today I was happy to see the new Call Phone feature, which Google hopes to roll out to more countries soon, will US users to make calls to phones around the world from … Continue reading

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Google Maps for Mobile v3.2 for BlackBerry devices

Google launched version 3.2 of Google Maps for Mobile for BlackBerry devices, which includes the new Layers feature. Maps for Mobile version 3.2 was released for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices in July, as we reported, and the new … Continue reading

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Google Fast Flip news browsing on iPhone and Android

Google yesterday launched Fast Flip, a new way to browse online news on desktop PCs and mobile devices. In the cellphones supported area, the web service is currently available for the iPhone and for Android-powered devices. Fast Flip lets users … Continue reading

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Google Voice for Android & Blackberry available now

Google has launched its Google Voice application for Android and Blackberry devices. Google Voice is a service that lets its users call or send SMS from their mobile phones using a a Google Voice number. Google Voice was formerly called … Continue reading

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Google Chrome OS is for Real

The Operating System was the only frontier that Google had not touched directly. We had been hearing about Google Operating System for a very long time but later it turned out to be an Operating System for mobiles i.e. Android. … Continue reading

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Google Apps no longer in beta

Google has finally shed the tag of beta from its Google Apps. Google is notorious for keeping its products in beta stage way too long. Google Apps is a web service by Google which allows you to use the Google … Continue reading

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Google Search in 38 languages for feature mobiles

Google Mobile Blog has reported that Google Search has now been optimized in 38 languages for the feature mobile devices. Google Search has done the same exercise with smartphones like Apple iPhone and the devices powered by Google’s own Android … Continue reading

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Youtube doubles upload limit

Youtube has doubled the upload limit to the normal Youtube users. The new updated upload limit for any video is 2 GB from 1 GB. This development comes at the heels of another news that the rate of video uploads … Continue reading

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Google Wave : My Take on it

Everyone is occupied on the internet using email and instant messaging, Google wave has made it possible to integrate the two and add loads of other functionality on the same. Google Wave is the new upcoming product by google developed … Continue reading

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