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Twitter going commercial

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has been reported to have spoken about the the their plans to finally commercialize on the vast user numbers that they have. Stone said in an interview with the BBC that Twitter is considering two ways … Continue reading

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Plinky is Your Web Enabler and Whatever that Means

Now we all know about that 140 character micro blogging service called Twitter and we have also seen so many of its copy cats. There is no dearth of Twitter based services either and some of them are even fortunate … Continue reading

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History of the Internet (Video)

The following video eloquently puts the “History of the Internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.

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CoolFlick combines Cooliris with Flickr

Cooliris is a great product company which has been shaping the way we interact with images for some time now. It started off with a Firefox extension which would make browsing images pretty fashionable and it has now also expanded … Continue reading

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Wikipedia In An AJAX Avatar

Wikipedia addicts will love this new web service called Lexisum which retrieves you the Wikipedia results in a slick AJAX interface. There is nothing extraordinary about this web service but This is particularly helpful if you are looking to get … Continue reading

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Tubegraph Finds Best Parts In Youtube Videos

Youtube has become the second most popular search engine just after Google if we consider the number of queries being done. This will certainly not amuse Yahoo which has just found its new CEO in Carol Bartz. However I would … Continue reading

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Website Availability Monitoring With Ding It’s Up

It’s not easy keeping a site uptime always esp. when your site is popular or suddenly gets popular due to Digg or Stumbleupon. Twitter had almost become a joke amongst the netizens fot its notorious downtime.

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Learning On Web In Simple English

We have realized that a huge chunk of RealGeek readers come from countries where English is not the primary language and thus we have tried to keep the language of blogposts simple to decipher understand. The primary purpose of web … Continue reading

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6 Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Okay, I have been receiving quite a lot of requests from some of my friends about websites where you can see newest Hollywood, Boolywood and movies of other Woods free of cost. Of course these sites are not legal and … Continue reading


Popacular – Delicious & Twitter Mashup

It happens quite a lot to me that I get this urge to find new websites I don’t know about. Delicious is a great resource to find interesting links. The tagging makes it even more precise and helpful.

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