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Dowload Applications Store For Windows

Where do you go when you need to install new applications on your Windows systems? Most guys I know prefer to go to filehippo to do the downloading of regular softwares. You name it and you have it on Filehippo. … Continue reading

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Xobni Puts Social Web In Your Outlook Inbox

The popular Outlook Extension Xobni is now hooking on to additional data sources . It is the outlook plug-in that saves you time finding e-mail conversations, contacts and attachments. For a few day ago Xobni integrates with Yahoo Mail, Facebook, … Continue reading

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VoxOx Unifies Your Communication Needs

VoxOx is the first unified communications client which has been launched by San Diego based startup TelCentris. It is the first universal communicator providing free VoIP, IM, video conferencing alongwith SMS, fax, e-mail, and content sharing. All of that is … Continue reading


Bfilter Blocks Ads Across Web Browsers

Bfilter is an ads filtering HTTP web proxy which completely removes the ads which hinder in your browsing experience. Unlike Adblocker on Firefox which can only work on Firefox or Flock, Bfilter puts the trap on your complete system which … Continue reading

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bNews Reviewed, It Aggregates NEWS For You (Almost)

Okay I stumbled into a very cool application today which I believe has a great potential but needs some serious work on the development side to make it happen. The concerned application is called bNews and it has been created … Continue reading

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IBM Lotus Symphony Review

IBM released its free productivity suite titled Lotus Symphony in June and we decided to give it a try for readers of Realgeek. Lotus Symphony is a very neat suite which consists of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. It … Continue reading

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Convert files free of cost

I bet you have to convert files for your personal purposes from time to time. There are some softwares in the market which can do the same for you but very few of them are free of cost. Today I … Continue reading

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Kantaris Media Player Review

There are very few media players which strike the chord from the utility as well as design perspective. Kantaris Media Player happens to be the one which has got cool looks as well as tremendous usability. Kantaris is based on … Continue reading

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Stylish progressor of VLC Player

The VLC player is the swiss knife of media players. You can throw any file towards it and rest assure that it will play. Okay, it wont play real media files but still there is hardly anything of the same … Continue reading

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Moniter internet traffic on your computer with Net Limiter

Windows Task Manager does not give you complete information about the internet usage. It only sums up all the bytes of data sent and received on your PC which is not what we would like to know in case a … Continue reading

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