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5 Useful Flickr Search Tools

Using Flickr API means that some creative developers can build alternative Flickr search engines. In this post we have covered useful flickr search tools. FlickrBabel: FlickrBabel is a mash-up of Flickr search and Google Translate. If you find a cool … Continue reading

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Paid Answers Service by Mahalo

Jason Calacanis and others at Mahalo have launched a new feature called Mahalo Answers. Mahalo’s copy of Yahoo! Answers, Google Answers or ChaCha, lets you offer a price to ask specific questions of other Mahalo users. Good Attempt by Mahalo, … Continue reading

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20 Social Media Tools

Are you Social on internet yet? Hanging on social networking websites plainly do not make you socially active, following are a list of Social Media tools that you must try, and get used to them. Flock Web Browser: Flock Browser … Continue reading

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What Is RSS And Why You Should Use It?

A new report by Forrester Research has revealed that RSS is still far from going mainstream as only 11% of web users use RSS. It further adds that most of the web users don’t know the importance or usability of … Continue reading

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3 Social Bookmarking Plugins For Your Blog

If you own and manage a blog then it’s only wise to put a plugin which will let users to share the content on your website with others or to submit Digg or Stumbleupon. There are although many plugins which … Continue reading

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Socialmedian analyzed and reviewed

I recently signed up on Socialmedian which has been creating lot of news since its public beta launch earlier this year in July. The website has been termed from Digg for Web 2.0 to some network trying to make its … Continue reading


3 Tools To Make Your Desktop Look Like A NewsRoom

Recently I have started to use three applications or rather just some nifty softwares which make my desktop look like a newsroom machine. 1. Snackr is a light application made on Adobe AIR platform which is also the reason why … Continue reading

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NYTimes gets more social

New York Times has incorporated a social feature into its online version. The new feature is called TimesPeople and the registered NYTimes users can share slideshows, blog posts, reader comments, and ratings and reviews of movies, restaurants and hotels on … Continue reading

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Twitter goes threaded with Tweader

  Your favorite mini social networking destination has finally gained the power of being threaded. It’s been a long time since twitter users were demanding the threaded conversation structure in Twitter. It seems like the twitter freaks have finally got … Continue reading

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12 Desktop Client for twitter

Are you addicted to twitter yet? if yes you must be having atleast one of these, try them out all have their own significance and interface. Twhirl – Twhirl is probably the most popular desktop client. It also supports TwitPic, … Continue reading

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