Top 12 iPhone Themes loved by the girls

Girls have typical choice, cute, sweet & adorable! Pink is their favorite color & everything that is hawt! There are variety if iPhone themes out there. But the most popular & loved iPhone themes are listed below, Just the best ones.

Hello Kitty iPhone Theme
Who wouldn’t love this theme? its pink, cute & lovable.

Pink iPhone Theme
beautiful iPhone Theme with Pink background & icons.

Pink N Black iPhone Theme
Awesome combination, of Pink icons over Black Background.

Purple Powder iPhone Theme
Beautiful, illustrative, bright & refreshing new iPhone theme.

Beautiful Pink iPhone Theme
Serene, Sketchy & Unique

iFels iPhone Theme
Bright & Sharp, This Theme with Pink background with colorful icons is super cool

Valentine Hearts iPhone Theme
Mushy, Hearty & Pretty this theme is inspired by Valentine’s day

DIY Bear iPhone Theme
Colorful, Creative & Innovative. This Theme is Fabulous.

Vivid iPhone Theme
Purple Pinkish with Transparent icons makes this one of a kind iPhone Theme.

Momo iPhone Theme
Amazing Background with Pink hearts, makes this theme so very loved!

Puppy Red iPhone Theme
Beautiful Purple Background & lovely icons make this theme so wanted.

San Valentin iPhone Theme
Another iPhone Theme inspired by Valentine Hearts, this is a fabulous pink bright one.

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2 Responses to Top 12 iPhone Themes loved by the girls

  1. Amanda says:

    These are super cool… now how do I get them on my phone?

  2. Gabriel says:

    So, my girlfriend wants your hello kitty theme but i don’t know how to get it on her phone. It’s a jailbroken iphone 4 on the Verizon network. If you could send me some detailed instuctions on how to do it, or if you guys have a cydia repo it would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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