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Three days ago, someone asked me to define “what is a GEEK, and how could one discover if they have in it them or no?”, I responded to him by saying that it is not about discovering or infusing geekiness, it is about having that spirit that doesn’t let you settle on something regular or mediocre. I believe that Reaching out and trying different things comes natural to geeks.

Some people mistakenly identify geek as to be the one wearing spectacles and nerdy T-shirts and geeky gadget stuff they have on them, but it’s not primarily external it is really in deep within you, your heart, mind and soul.

I think I was born curious, the only subject I loved in school was science and I always had the enthusiasm to question “why stuff happens”, I believed that I am in the world for a significant cause.

I loved it when mom took me to her office when she could not have anyone to baby sit me, she worked with punching cards then moved on to magnetic tapes and then she really worked on the first Personal Computer, and I fancied it to be the best device that could do so much. I just loved to be there, little sense it made to me then, but it was great and I knew this is what I want to do when I grow up.

The only TV channel I watched was Discovery, Nat Geo and Technology related programs while my school mates gossiped about MTV and the hottest new star. I always had difficulty in meeting people with whom I could have an intelligent conversation with, no I didn’t think I was out the world or something, I could mingle with my peers but I always craved for something that was intriguing to my mind.

I always had a thing for gadgets, I never missed trade fairs in the town, where one could see new world technology, innovations on display.Thankfully my dad took me to places like these and to more, like book fairs, yea those were the days internet didn’t existed and books had so much knowledge to offer. I remember how hooked up I was to the electronic magazines and latest reviews etc. I have always dreamed to go to Akihabara, one of the largest Electronic shopping Districts in Tokyo, Japan, you could get anything and everything here, shop for anything electronic, computer etc. and one day I will go there before I die!

To add to my inspiration and enthusiasm, one of my cousin who graduated as an Engineer got the job in town and lived with us, She worked for the only tech magazine in the country and she did technology reviews for printers, monitors everything that was new and fascinating, which I didn’t even seen in Mom’s office or school. I always followed her work, her research and her creativity, I guess this was the beginning of me getting geekier.

When School was over, I had to select my college and get a degree, so I picked up Electronics & Telecommunications as my major. What a great time really to do it, late 90′s I learned everything I always had questions for, Engineering Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering and everything else that I studied were like pearls of wisdom. By then Mobile Communication was in. Optical fiber and Digital signal processing were my favorite subjects in those days.

In last two years of my Engineering studies I realized that there is so much to be learned yet, I just did Fortran77 and pseudo code, 8085 and 8086 which were ages old and obsolete in the market, New were C, C++ and JAVA…so I picked up on these and SQL. Along with this I did an intern ship at a telecom manufacturing unit. All of this made me more aware and skilled. I did start my career as a programmer and ended up becoming a Web design and Internet Marketing Professional. But I never gave up my love for gadgets and computers.

I screwed my first laptop in the first week of me getting it, LOL it is hard to give up experimentation when you are this curious, I even screwed my first digital camera and I have had plenty of PDAs and cell phones and until recently I have this hang of Apple! everything I use or plan to buy is by Apple..

Most of my friends who are really truely my friends and are with me always Online! ..I am active on Facebook, Twitter, and loads of others spaces. I also meet them in person and guess what, we gel along great! and yea they have dugg all my stories on digg and never miss stumblin’ them LOL.

I loved working on two computers, but since I have worked on Macbook Pro, since march this year I didn’t pretty much needed anything else. I also have a thing for electronic dance music, and I have a drive full of Trance music. I spend more than 10 hours on internet 365 days a year.. not cause I have to but cause I love to. I can sit for hours in Cafe. Somehow, Coffee, Computers are inevitable for geeks.

I also like to be on each tech meet ups that happens near by, I try not to miss any Barcamp, Mobile Monday or other seminars etc. I start my day with Google reader and end with it too. I gained a lot, still have missed so much but I am determined to do a lot, all that and more..this is the spirit in me, which is probably my definition of me being a true Geek. Yes I strive to learn more and learn best and share my experiences.

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