TVKnob’s Web TV on Social Forums is another like website which is now concentrating on taking web broadcasting to the next level. They have plans to start TV broadcast service with interactive web portal communities and original programming.

TVKnob’s Video and Audio Player is developed by Doug Watkins, these players will allow users to access music and videos by independent broadcasters, and choose from an cluster of online television and radio stations with multiple channels.

Doug Watkins is believed to have said that “YouTube just woke the public up to the possibilities. Our concept offers broadcast technology solutions to reach vast new markets of broadcasting, pod-casting and personal entertainment. There are serious issues facing the future of independent arts and the way it all works. This technology puts in motion a television and radio station network that anyone with the talent and the equipment can take an idea and then turn it into a personalized yet global TV or Radio Channel. It puts the power where it should be — in the hands of the broadcaster rather than the distributor. We would like to see it become the catalyst that bridges the Internet to the TV in the home.”

Web users are required to register themselves for this free service and ofcourse the broadcasters will need to subscribe starting from $99 per month, for a channel of their own. Users will also be able to upload their short films for the TVKnob film festival etc.

To me I think its a good effort, this is taking social networking to a next Level of Object sharing, TVknob is one such innovative move.

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