Unlocking iphone makes them irreparable – Really?

unlockiphone.jpgMore and more websites & weblogs are offering free or paid tools & instructions to unlock the Apple iphone.  First one to get popular was the iPhoneSimFree which is paid and costs $99.  The second on to get popular was iUnlock which is open source.

The websites like iPhoneunlockingtools.com, iPhoneSimFree.com and Gizmodo.com, have made most people believe that unlocking the iPhone is possible and this would allow anyone to access service from any GSM operator in the United States or any international network.

Apple iphone is hitting european market in first week of November, much before their launch this unlocking can hamper their sales in European market. As unlockers can easily purchase handsets in the USA, unlock them and resell them in Europe.

It is uncertain how much damage can this do to Apple iphone official launch, but the company is definitely asserting on hazards of the same by issuing warnings, such as these, “iphone unlocking can do irreparable damage”.

It is a clear indication that this may affect Apple’s sales internationally much ahead of the official launch. That is one reason  that they want people to now believe that unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available for free or paid on the Internet can cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software.

Well this is likely to happen when unlocked iphone user will install its Apple iPhone software update. It is being said that Apple is planning to release the next iPhone software update in this week.

There is a good chance of unlock software providers also cracking the upcoming update, users with unlocked iphone have to wait just for that.

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