VoxOx Unifies Your Communication Needs

VoxOx is the first unified communications client which has been launched by San Diego based startup TelCentris.

It is the first universal communicator providing free VoIP, IM, video conferencing alongwith SMS, fax, e-mail, and content sharing. All of that is possible with just one client which is currently compatible with Windows Operating Systems and Mac OS.

We have seen applications like Pidgin and Adium which allow you to communicate across different email providers. But VoxOx is the first to combine this service with free voice calling which pits it against the likes of Skype. It does provide all the services that Skype offers to its customers.

There are other interesting features such as call management, call forwarding capabilities, SMS triggered call connecting for cheaper international rates, the ability to upload your own hold music and integrated soundboards for prank calling.

It’s currently supported on Windows and Mac with Linux support coming soon. You can also send free text messages and make free voice or video calls to anyone using VoxOx. You happen to get 120 minutes of free calls to telephones. You can purchase credit for additional calls, or pay a monthly fee for an unlimited calling internationally. VoxOx will soon add the Video Ads which will allow users to win some free points which they can redeem. It seems like we might see some more activity in this space.

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2 Responses to VoxOx Unifies Your Communication Needs

  1. Mobiguy says:


    I and my buddy are using Messmo and our SMSs to each other are free. We can also see when we are online. I like it a lot . Also it is same like this application.
    Thanks for your information.

  2. Pauls says:

    Yes, I have also tried messmo. Its great social networking application.

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