6 Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Okay, I have been receiving quite a lot of requests from some of my friends about websites where you can see newest Hollywood, Boolywood and movies of other Woods free of cost. Of course these sites are not legal and that you might get yourself into trouble if you use any of these sites.

You can obviusoly take the help of P2P networks or BitTorrent in order to download the latest movies in a “less retail” manner but if you desire to watch it just once in your web browser then these sites can definitely help you. The quality of movies vary from site to site but usually its the same print that is available on all these websites which show you free English (mostly) movies.

For some of the sites mentioned below you need to have Divx video player installed in your system which you can download from the Divx website.
Joox is quite a respectable name in this notorious name. They don’t have huge collection like some of the other similar sites but since these guys tend to focus on good quality prints which we can safely assume after a look.
Watch Movies is another place which has a rating and reporting feature whether a particular link to the video worked or not. Unlike Joox which hosts full movies on its own, it just links to the other sites like movshare.
Movies24h is another site you can rely upon to watch free movies. This site also links to videos hosted on other’s servers. It actually links each video file to The Movies Empire which further links to movshare.

66stage is also a great resource to satisfy your urge to watch the latest flick without having to spend on tickets and pop corns.
Movieshare does the same thing as well and it links to the movie files hosted on zshare. You can find all the latest Holllywood flicks on this site. Actually this things goes for every other site on this list.
Watchit3 is also one site in this league of hundreds of sites which offer free Hollywood movies free of cost to watch. This site retrieves movie files hosted on Megavideo.
There are many more sites which do the same thing and if I haven’t added your favorite site to watch free movies then please leave a comment.

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3 Responses to 6 Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

  1. joshua says:

    go watchit3.com it rocks!!!


  2. Richard Hartman says:

    here’s the link to over 550 free movies sites, the biggest on the web

  3. Thank you for listing and review, but what I would like to point out is, we don’t link to Movie Empire only, as you stated. As a DB/Search Engine site, we currently link to more than 50 different websites. Which, also, is our mission – to group lot of info on one place, so web users can find movie streaming links more easily. Thank you, and cheers.

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