Xandros Linux read/write NTFS drives

The latest version of Xandros Linux (4.0) targets Windows users by adding several user friendly features and wider compatibility to Windows filesystem. This version of Operating System includes features to read and write Windows-formatted drives and import user settings from Windows installations.

The OS includes Paragon Software’s NTFS for Linux, which allows users to read-write to Windows-formatted drives, so they can add the operating system and still have access to work they did in Windows. 

 ”The target audience of Xandros is primarily corporates looking to switch their workstations from Windows NT/2000 to Linux,” commented one user on a Debian discussion board. “They’ve gone to great lengths to mimic the look and feel of Windows for this reason.” The OS allows users to read/write Windows formatted (NTFS) drives with Paragon Software’s NTFS for Linux.
Xandros Linux

Versora’s Progression Desktop allows users to import settings & data from Windows OS including e-mail, music, photos. It also comes bundled with WINE based CrossOver Office from CodeWeavers, an emulator that allows users to run Windows applications. The OS comes with KDE 3.42 desktop interface and the usual open-source applications Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice.

Xandros 4.0 is targets home and multimedia users to provide a friendly Windows and Mac alternative, tailored to fit today’s digital lifestyle. The basic Home Edition is priced at $39.99. However, to get full versions of the Windows immigration programs, users will have to pay $79.99 for a Premium version. The Premium version also provides iPod compatibility features with a music manager based on amaroK. It also includes a photo manager, improved wireless connectivity and better security.

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