Xobni Puts Social Web In Your Outlook Inbox

The popular Outlook Extension Xobni is now hooking on to additional data sources . It is the outlook plug-in that saves you time finding e-mail conversations, contacts and attachments. For a few day ago Xobni integrates with Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, and Hoovers.

Data from all of these services appears in the Xobni sidebar in Outlook. And it is already added with Linkedln.

Now when a users is viewing a person records in addition to showing the user the Outlook history, it will also look up communications with that same person on Yahoo Mail, and let you connect with them on Skype.

More interesting, I think, is its expanding hooks into social networks In addition to its previous Linkedln support, it will now troll through Facebook and return information about a highlighted user, such as their recent status message and picture. Nice stuff!

Hoovers, has also its own tab in Xobni’s contact information panel as well, which displays information about a sender’s company based on their e-mail domain. Company size, stock symbol and basic contact information is culled from the Hoovers website.

With all these new features, Xobni has become an even more useful tool for building an informational web between one’s Outlook e-mail and existing social networks.

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One Response to Xobni Puts Social Web In Your Outlook Inbox

  1. BacarliW says:

    Xobni is a good one.

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