Youtube doubles upload limit

Youtube has doubled the upload limit to the normal Youtube users. The new updated upload limit for any video is 2 GB from 1 GB. This development comes at the heels of another news that the rate of video uploads on youtube has increased considerably after the launch of iPhone 3G S.

Youtube has already made it little easier to embed HD videos now. You can now simply add &hd=1 to any YouTube URL to play in HD.

You can probably expect some pirated full movie uploads on youtube with this generous upload limit. We do know that Youtube has gotten strict against the copyrighted content and removed a lot of such videos. It is however still not free from all the copyrighted content and a simple search of your favorite Hollywood film might show you the complete movie on on youtube in parts. The generous upload limit might cause some copyright problems but that is a matter which Youtube has been dealing with since a long time.

Youtube had raised the upload limit to 1 GB from 100 MB in the September last year.

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